The Polish-German Association in Kraków ( TPNK) was established in 2004 in order to act jointly in favour of developing the Polish-German relations and the European integration process.

Its founders come from various circles: academic and financial ones, public agencies and institutions and private organisations. They include academics and fellows of Humboldt and Hertie foundations. There is also a group of young and dynamic people: university students and graduates.

The Society groups specialists from a number of fields. All of them have experience in acting towards development of the Polish-German relations and want to make this mission come true through building of the civil society, developing self-governance and an inter-cultural dialogue.

Based on specific projects, we would like to contribute to deepening good relations between the Polish and German nations, and in a wider context, between the nations of united Europe. We have already established cooperation with German and Polish partners carrying out similar projects, including in cooperation with German-Polish societies from Germany.

We invite you to cooperate with us!


1. PROGRAMME " School of @ctive Senior Citizens - S@S"

2. Grundtvig Workshop: "SeniorWeb" -@active seniors in the web" (Kraków, 2012-2013)